Multimedia up on the roof

One of my clients, 10Eighty, celebrated their 2nd birthday recently. So I took my Nikon D-80 and Yamaha digital recorder along. 

There was probably about 100-150 people there, so near the start of proceedings I "worked the room" approaching unsuspecting couples, trios or larger groups and took a few quick shots of them. The light was good and spirits were high so this proved to be quite an easy exercise.

Later on 10Eighty's CEO, Michael made a short speech so I switched on my trusty digital recorder and snapped away.

The next day I sifted through the photos, sent through the best to Liz at 10Eighty, Liz, she selected her favourites which were duly added to the article.

Then I edited and uploaded Michael's speech to the 10Eighty SoundCloud account  and embedded the 'wave' into the final web article: