Creating your own content for a new site or document could take time, effort and yet... You could get IC Works on board for a responsive creative service and an experience you'll never forget.

Words for the web, words for print, words for Easy Read, words are mint.

Add photosvideos to make your content sing, original sound and music say 'you're the real thing'.



Copywriting stuff

"There's only words"... "A word to the wise"... "Have a word with him"... "You got me at 'hello'".

Words create the framework for our cultural/daily life. 

On the printed or the virtual page they have to be precise.

Words can work real hard for you. 

Get 'IC' on board they'll work harder still.

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Photographic stuff

Capturing the moment is a simple thing.

Whip out your mobile, point and click. It may be poor, or it could be 'sick.'

At IC Works we know 'aperture' from 'ISO' so it's not left to chance.

We'll 'Instagram' your corporate event, a seminar, even a tea dance...

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Audio stuff

Considered audio for your content palette?

It's an unique proposition for an online presence. 

Audio's on trend thanks to SoundCloud, podcasts and Apple Music!

And for us audiophiles at IC Works, never a task.

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