Music by me... Ian Christie

Music's been running through the veins since I was kid. Formed a band in my teens in the 80s, achieved minor cult status, never made it big. Stuck with it for years and here's the evidence - a solo composition recorded 2010 using guitar, bass, synth, but no euphonium. 

Music from Khartomb

If you're interested in a musical commission, a soundtrack to a video, a podcast jingle, take a listen to Khartomb's recent single. Released in spring 2015, recorded over a weekend in Chapel Studios, deepest Lincs. Intrigued? Like more backstory? Visit or hang around and listen to a song.

A studio demo from my band Khartomb, recorded in 1983, during the same recording session when they recorded cult single on Whaam! Records "Teekon Warriors" and "Swahili Lullaby".

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